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Whether you only play on the weekends or you're a professional athlete, you will eventually experience stiffness, soreness, or even injuries as a result of playing your game. When this happens, you need to eliminate the pain or discomfort quickly so that you can get back on the field.

There are a variety of methods that are used to do this, and it often works best if you combine two or more of them. This is why many athletes seek out a sports massage therapist to help them regain their full abilities.

Massage speeds healing in a variety of ways. It helps to reduce muscle tension, which is a common contributor to motion limitations as well as pain. It also increases circulation, which speeds healing by bringing more oxygen into the area.

A certified massage therapist knows all of the right strokes for a variety of massage types. This helps to ensure that the process will not cause more injury and that its healing effects will be more efficient. It also makes it so that your problem can be properly matched with the type of massage that will help the most.

The clients of a sports massage therapist often use other therapies at the same time. These can include standard approaches such as taking pain medication or doing physical therapy, or they can involve alternative therapies like acupuncture. All of these treatments can be combined with massage to improve results.

If you have suffered an injury from playing sports, or you simply feel stiffer or sorer than you expect, give me a call. I'm a certified massage therapist in Colorado, and I'll be glad to help you regain your top form.

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