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Most people have heard that it feels great to get a massage, but that isn't the only reason they seek massage therapy near me. The fact is that there are many physical and psychological benefits to massage in Boulder. Some of them are fairly obvious, but others might surprise you.

The most obvious benefit of massage therapy near me is that it's relaxing. Massaging both deep and shallow muscles gets them to loosen up, which is a physical relaxation. Since the mind and body work in tandem, this results in mental relaxation as well.

Relaxation isn't just about feeling calm. Tense muscles hurt because they are constantly under force. Releasing the tension eliminates the soreness that comes from things like doing the same sort of work all day, sitting or sleeping in crooked positions, and otherwise overtaxing the muscles. It also helps eliminate pain from more severe muscular injuries. Such injuries result in tension due to the body's unconscious "guarding" of the area, and this tension makes the pain even worse. Relieving it will often provide surprisingly powerful pain relief.

Another result of this relaxation is temporarily lower blood pressure. This is a direct result of feeling calmer.

When muscles are massaged, circulation in the area increases. What makes this important is its effect on healing. More circulation translates to more oxygen going to the muscles being treated, and this makes them heal faster. Therefore, many people who get massage in Boulder say that their sore muscles get better more quickly than when they don't get massages.

There are several types of massage, but don't worry if you don't know which type to ask for. Just describe your goals or the experience that you seek, and the massage therapist will know what to recommend.

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