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There are many reasons for getting a massage in Firestone, and there are several options available to meet those needs. This is because no single type of body massage therapy in Colorado can do everything. In fact, there are times when other alternative therapies should be used along with, or instead of, massage.

For many people, the goal of getting a massage is to improve relaxation and reduce stress. In these cases, a strong body massage is the perfect thing. It helps to eliminate the "knots" that arise from being too tense, brings a comforting warmth to the muscles, and is generally helpful for overall well being.

Those who have chronic pain or limited mobility often benefit from myofascial release massage. This aligns the muscles and the connective tissue around them, helps to break up adhesions, and improves mobility. Notably, it is one of the few forms of massage that can hurt while it is taking place. However, after a couple of days, the soreness goes away and the benefits show through.

Specialized forms of massage exist to treat specific conditions. Lymphatic drainage massage, neuromuscular massage, and sinus massage are some examples of these forms. They are aimed to help with specific conditions rather than the entire body, though the massage therapist will likely recommend holistic interventions as well.

It may be a surprise, but there is also such a thing as prenatal and infant massage. Prenatal massage helps moms-to-be relax and reduces pains from the postural changes caused by pregnancy. Infant massage, on the other hand, can make babies calmer.

One popular type of specialized therapy is sports massage. This addresses the problems that are common in sports, such as accelerating healing from strains and sprains, eliminating stiffness and soreness, and improving mobility. It is sometimes used in combination with myosascial release massage to better target its effects.

Those who would like a softer touch may prefer craniosacral therapy, also known as craniosacral massage. This targets specific joints in the head, so it is often used for issues like jaw tension or headaches.

With the many types of massage in Firestone, it can be hard to decide which one to ask for. That's no problem if you come to me for body massage therapy in Colorado. I'll be glad to evaluate you and give you my best suggestions.

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